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ATM Piggy Bank for Children

ATM Piggy Bank for Children

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ATM Piggy Bank for Boys Girls Mini ATM Coin Bank Money Saving Box with  Children Safe Money Jar for With Auto Grab Bill Slot

Product Description

Safe currency storage: Use a 4-digit code (default password 0000) to open the door of the children's safe.

Boy's ATM piggy bank, easy to program personalized code, perfect for your boy/girl to keep their money safe! Children will like to hide their "precious items" in this coin bank.

A piggy bank like a real ATM: ATM piggy bank, made of high-quality ABS material, is a durable piggy bank for children to play with. 

Children's Bank upgraded without any noise issues. An electronic money bank, like an ATM, retrieves US dollar bills but locks them like a safe.

Suitable for all US coins and banknotes: Large capacity children's money cabinet with ample storage space inside. A coin slot and a paper currency slot, this coin box can accommodate almost any coin or paper currency.

Large enough to store some small accessories.


A great gift for children: a stylish children's money bank, brightly colored, and also available in various types to choose from. The Little Pig Bank prepared for children is definitely a great gift for them, helping to teach them the responsibility of holding their own money and ensuring its safety.

Great educational toys/children's banks: Teaching children to save money is always a good idea. Children's ATM banks are very suitable for making children interested in savings.

Children can have their own small 'safe' while learning financial and mathematical skills. Little Pig Bank with Lifetime Warranty

Note: Does not include batteries, batteries need to be provided by oneself

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